What we do at CMG.

The Scope of Our Services.

At courage media group we service business-to-business operations as well promotional design efforts for individuals. Some services that we offer are graphic design, web design, logo design, online promotional assistance as well as consulting.

Open For Business

The Scope of Our Entertainment.

Not only do we provide business services we also endeavor into entertainment. Right now courage media group has multiple streams of entertainment attached. From Tik Toks to podcasts, from gaming to comics. Our goal is to soon take over as the leading creative force in the entertainment industry by disrupting what is "safe" and making what is true. It takes courage to make a story real. 

What is Our Mission?

Courage Media Group believes in the power of the story. We believe that in order to manifest our visions into the physical world, that our narrative and execution are at the forefront of every work. We believe that in having morals, they will help shape us and heard our impulses into a constructive force, creating a rich and diverse environment. Also, not every story deserves to be heard. Not because the sheer existence of that story discounts it from being heard but a story that hails a learnable truth for all to know supersedes that notion. At Courage Media Group, we believe in truth, we believe in respect, and we believe in bringing dreams into reality.

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