Who is Courage Media Group

Our Mission

Courage Media Group believes in the power of the story.
We believe that in order to manifest our visions into the physical
world, that our narrative and execution are at the forefront
of every work. We believe that in having morals, they will help
shape us and heard our impulses into a constructive force,
creating a rich and diverse environment. Also, not every story
deserves to be heard. Not because the sheer existence of
that story discounts it from being heard but a story that hails a
learnable truth for all to know supersedes that notion.
At Courage Media Group, we belive in truth, we believe
in respect, and we believe in bringing dreams into reality.

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Who is TeyJaun R.

Teyjaun is a young entrepreneur and graphic designer. although his talents expand past the norms of a traditional graphic designer, he is multitalented. His work is expansive as he works on videos, short films, animation, graphics, websites, marketing, and more. 

Courage Media Group is his first branded LLC business that has operated since Jan 2020.